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20 of the Best Men’s Haircuts and Hairstyles

Men never really stray away from their chosen hairstyles or haircuts. It’s a risky move especially if they cut their own hair. The results could either pay off big with the ladies loving you everywhere you go or it could blow up in your face immediately with no ladies loving you ever, even your mother. When dealing with the idea of drastically altering your appearance for up to 2 full weeks with a different haircut or hairstyle it is best to tackle the tasks with a plan of attack, a visual guide so to speak. If you’ve ever wondered what a particular hairstyle will look like on yourself check out the list below and take your favorite one to your local barber and barbershop. The best 20 current haircuts for men today:

The Pompadour Haircuts

This haircut is always in style and this season you can slick it back ultra high and smooth. This is the cut of rebels, think James Dean, Morissey, Johnny Cash and of course Elvis. It’s about extra length on top but you will have to have medium hair for this to work, around 6 inches in length. The sides and back can be a bit shorter or longer depending on what you like.

The Pompadour Men's Haircuts and Hairstyles
The Pompadour

Brad Pitts’s Fury

As seen on TV this one has a slicked back undercut and makes a big impact. This undercut has plenty of length on top but short at the sides. You then have some loose strands at the front which gives it a slick look and this style can literally work for anyone. The cut blends into the shaved area and is cut shorter towards the back of the head and then tapers in length. With the styling products once you find a product that’s suitable just rub it through your hands and work it through it. Then comb your hair straight back and leave.

Brad Pitt Fury Men's Haircuts and Hairstyles
Brad Pitt’s Fury Haircut

The Taper Haircut Fade

The Taper Haircut Fade and the undercut are one of the top hairstyles of this year and this cut transforms the classic barber style into a simple and unique hair design. The hair is cut into a shallow V and if you want to really stand out from the crown then this is the style for you. This haircut is quick and easy to wash and brings out the creativeness in your hair stylist.

The Taper Fade Mens Haircuts and Hairstyles
The Taper Haircut Fade

Slicked Back Hair

This is the one look the celebrities seem to always go for. It has a lot of variations on slicked back hair. There are lots of of ways to wear this look so think Leonardo DiCaprio in the Wolf of Wall Street. It looks clean and is easy to style. It adds an old style glamor to a mans hair and makes you stand out from the crowd. This will require regular barber visits though to keep the hot look. You can sculpture this with your fingers and gel.

Slicked Back Mens Haircuts and Hairstyles
Slicked Back

Spiked Hair

Originally spiked hair came from a military inspired look that had a boxy flat top. Nowadays the spikes have got longer and a little bit on the wilder side. The hair on top of the head is cut into a round profile and the sides and back are a taper fade. You can style this look with a finish that has a strong hold. You can also wear the spikes up with a lot of texture instead if you feel like it. It looks great with an undercut or some hair design at the back or sides will add a tribal pattern.

Spiked Hair Mens Hairstlye and Haircut
Spiked Hair

Short Back And Sides

You can have a design that is as unique as you are as these cuts will work for every hair type You can have curly or straight hair and the most classic one is the short back and sides with a bit longer on top. All you do is then use a bit of styling cream on top and away you go. You can have the sides shaved into an undercut and have a contrast that is peaked at the hairline with some hair wax.

Short Back And Sides Mens Haircut and Hairstyles
Short Back And Sides

The Crewcut

This is the all American hair cut. The hair is cut short all over with a bit of extra length on the forehead. This is literally a low maintenance cut for any type of hair. You don’t even have to use styling products unless you just want a light touch of wax to spike up the hair at the front. Your sideburns can be as short or as long as you wish. It is a cut that stands out from the rest of the crowd but always looks good no matter how many years go by.

The Crewcut Mens Haircut and Hairstyles
The Crewcut

The Superman Haircut

Think Christopher Reeve’s haircut but with a modern touch. You can wear it straight up and slicked over with a side parting. You can add a little quiff you wish or not but it is a nice neat haircut that works for quite a few men. You can have any type of hair but will need to use a strong holding styling product. It works best with darkish hair rather than blonde as its more distinct, but no matter what color your hair the Superman look is still a winner.

The Superman Mens Haircut and Hairstyles
The Superman Haircut

Curly/Wavy Hair Cuts

Usually short at the sides and then a bit square on top is how this one works. You will need a bit of height that will lengthen your face if you have a round or square shaped face. Use a defining style cream and let it dry naturally. Try to go with the flow of your hair and not fight it as curly and wavy hair cut be very attractive on guys. Think of Bruno Mars and John Mayer for examples.

Curly and Wavy Mens Haircuts and Hairstyles
Curly Wavy Hair

Buns on Men? Yes. The Man Bun…

If you have long hair then sometimes you may want to put it up into a man bun! The bun is currently very popular on men and you can get the Jared Leto’s look with a smooth and slick style bun. Just put your hair back and tie it gently but firmly. It’s a modern attractive look for men and is definitely in for the next year or so. You can try some variations on the bun such as letting a few strands loose at the front to add a bit more softness.

The Man Bun Haircuts and Hairstyles
The Man Bun

Blunt Cut

This hairstyle suits a wide variety of face shapes and hair types. It has to be clippered using a number 1 grade both through the side and back. The top should be taken quite high around the crown area and then left looking chunky so it creates an almost solid block effect. The sides are blended using the hair clipper over comb technique and then you can point the cut a bit towards the front to give it some support to the fringe.

Blunt Cut mens haircuts and hairstyles
Blunt Cut

The Skin Fade

This look is very popular today. The sides are very short and this is classed as a skin fade which means that the hair pretty much disappears into the hairline. The hair is point cut short around the crown and then worked forward and pulled back towards the crown so as to maintain the length at the front. You can add a bit of color to this style which would set yourself apart from the crowd this season. The coloring needs to be done with foil and weaved to create a subtle effect.

The Skin Fade Men's Haircuts and Hairstyles
Skin Fade

The Contrast Weight Line

These haircuts are a bit extreme and need length on top. The weight line is quite heavy and has been created by using the clipper over comb technique. This look is excellent for men who have naturally curly of wavy hair as this hairstyle is all about showing off the movement in the cut. This haircut gives good contrast from bottom to top. Use with gel and style with your fingers for the finish.

The Contrast Weight Line mens haircuts and hairstyles
The Contrast Weight Line

Contemporary Long Hairstyles

When you style long hair then its best to wash your hair in the evening and let it dry naturally overnight so it gives it a nice lived in look, or you wish you can apply a product to your hair to make it more manageable like a mousse, after you have washed it and then use a hair diffuser on a high heat but low speed setting to avoid making it too fluffed out. You may also need some anti-frizz like Argan Oil which helps to smooth the hair and give it a nice shine.

Contemporary Long Hair Men's Haircuts and Hairstyles
Long Hair

The Brit Pop Crop

This is a short cut that has a bit of British flair with exaggerated lengths in the crown but overall neat but tousled. You will need a volumizing mousse to boost your hair and for extra hold you can rub a tiny bit of wax onto your fingertips and work through to the ends. This will need a blow dry with a vent brush or your fingers for a more controlled finish. Then use a light hold hairspray.

Britpop Crop Haircuts
Britpop Crop

Choppy Sexy Cool

This is quite a seductive unkempt style and you need to prepare dry hair with a light texturizing lotion. Next blow dry your hair with a vent brush for a controlled finish. Smooth the sides down and then create separation using your fingers. You can also create instant texture with some chunky point cutting.

Choppy Men's Haircuts

Dandy Do

This has a tight back and sides and the look is sharp but also has solid volume on the crown. You will need some wax to shape, sculpt and set this style so you get a nice shiny finish. You need to run your fingers up through your fringe and crown area for separation and then finish with a medium hold hairspray.

The Dandy Do Haircut for Men
Dandy Do

Smart Style

This is a tailored haircut that blends longer lengths across the sides and top to keep you looking smart. You will need to prepare damp hair and with a smoothing lotion then blow dry with a vent brush. Run your fingers through the crown and fringe area and finish with hairspray.

Smart Style Haircut
Smart Style

Fringe Benefits

Think Harry Styles from One Direction and this is the haircut. Even better if you have wavy or curly hair. It is a great way to style longer hair as it creates light separation with a choppy fringe. You need to prepare your hair with a thickening lotion and then blow dry it lightly using your fingers. Finish with light hold hairspray.

Fringe Benefits Men's Haircut
Fringe Benefits

Business Class

This has a well groomed look with a high shine and a defined side parting that looks very business like. It will need a smoothing lotion and then blow dry to smooth the hair down and then backwards. Finish this will a light hairspray. You can also give it a little tousle to rough it up a little.

Business Class Men;s Haircut
Business Class

So there you have it, 20 modern haircut styles for today’s modern man. Now go man bun it up fellas!

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